How does Pre* work?

Pre* is more than a proofreading service.

We will proof read your writing and make sure it is fit and ready for hand-in, publication or presentation.

Whether your writing is

  • a job application letter or form, a CV, a personal statement or biography
  • an assignment, an essay, a portfolio of evidence, a dissertation for a school, college or university programme
  • a report, an e-mail, a letter of invitation or complaint
  • a blog, a post, a story, a poem
  • a long text, a short text, a message, a novel
  • fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose
  • business marketing copy, online and offline

Whatever you are writing, Pre* will help you make it better.

If you like, as well as checking your writing for errors, inaccuracies and meaning, we can give you feedback so you can develop your writing and improve your own proofreading and editing skills.

At Pre* we will:

  • read your document
  • reply to you with a 40 – 50 word critical evaluation of your piece

The Pre* Feedback Pack

The Feedback Pack includes analysis, comment and opinion, where relevant, on:

  • recurring and one-off errors of spelling, punctuation or grammar
  • non-native author and translation issues
  • syntax, sentence structure, tense, message and meaning
  • style, genre, time, perspective and voice
  • length, structure, style, flow and rhythm
  • format and presentation
  • content and message
  • further development

Feedback can be a brutal thing and we will be honest in our assessment of your writing. But we are kind and we are caring and, above all, we are equipped to help you make sure you are happy for others to read what you have written.

Be happy for other people to read your writing. Pass it by Pre*

Contact Pre*

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